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Small Business

Small businesses have unique needs that require equally unique solutions.

Design, Illustration
Small Business
“What business needs now is design. What design needs now is making it about business.” – Beth Comstock

We make it our mission to thoroughly understand our clients businesses before we ever put pen to paper. Or stylus to tablet, or… you get the idea. Because without that knowledge, we wouldn’t be able to develop the right solutions to their communications needs. We like to reference a quote by Einstein because it perfectly encapsulates what we do: "Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony.” We pride ourselves in our never-ending pursuit of clarity and we are always on the lookout for “a better way.” Our small business clients appreciate our responsiveness, organization, and attention to detail.

JSA Today brochure and customizable proposal cover for JSA, Inc.
ProjectCenter capabilities folder and brochures for Bricsnet, a software and service provider for the building industry
Brochure designed for ProjectCenter, an online collaboration and management system for managing projects of different scopes and industries
Movie poster design for Gitgo Productions for a comedy called The Crew
Ad design for Otelco, an internet service provider

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