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Curiously offbeat, wonderfully disruptive

Sometimes, the best way to make an impact is to make some waves. Stir the pot. Poke the bear. Fan the fire. Be a disruptor. Because in order to create awareness and effect change, you can’t fall back on the status quo. We are not conventional thinkers, and we shy away from safe or obvious solutions. Our best ideas spring from listening with an open mind and an open heart. And when our clients say, “Okay, so… I don’t know… maybe…??,” we’re just offbeat enough to think those open-ended questions are the perfect start to an intriguing project.

Who We Are

Your Creative Partners

We bring a broad range of talent and knowledge to every project. We also work with many like-minded creatives, which means no project is too large.

Connie-Marie Puckett


Connie-Marie loves literature and history and is curious about everything, especially people. This inquisitiveness makes her an ideal brainstorming partner and helps her come up with solutions from a unique perspective. She enjoys the challenge of taking complex subject matter and making it clear and fun to read.

Connie-Marie studied writing and literature at the University of Pittsburgh. She worked previously as an assistant editor for trade and scientific publications. She likes reading, camping, doing yoga and barre DVDs, taking meandering walks and visiting odd, out-of-the-way museums. She’s currently working on a trilogy of mystery novels, set in 1939, about a young woman striving to be a reporter like her heroine, Nellie Bly.

Tom Puckett

Creative Director

People describe Tom as a happy guy. It’s probably because he’s doing what he loves. He’s obsessively detail-oriented and compulsively dedicated to good design. A generalist by nature, he has recently expanded his skill set with the addition of motion design. He’s also somewhat neurotic about typography. But in a good way.

Tom’s work has appeared in Graphis and Print Magazine and his web sites have been featured in Adobe Create Magazine. He studied graphic design at Penn State University and worked as a creative director in Pittsburgh and Washington, DC, before moving to Maine to start his own business. In his spare time, he enjoys working on his mixed-media collages, photography, kayaking, camping and experimental cooking.

Where We Work

Our Treehouse

Visit our studio located in picturesque Cape Elizabeth, Maine. While you’re here, you can enjoy the rugged, rocky coast, the lush pine forests and the crisp, cool sea breeze. Plus, we can direct you towards one of the best lobster rolls in the state.

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