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“I will solve your problem for you and you will pay me. If you want options, go talk to other people.” – Paul Rand (and the most ballsy thing ever said to Steve Jobs.)
The NeXT logo as presented to Steve Jobs

In 1986, Steve Jobs hired Paul Rand to design a logo for his new venture called NeXT. Rand’s fee would be a flat $100,000 and he would present only one option. Jobs could like it or lump it, but Rand would be paid regardless. It took Rand only two weeks to design the new mark and it was presented to Jobs in the form of a booklet. Those in attendance were unsure as to how the unpredictable Jobs would react. When he reached the final page with the finished logo, he stood up and hugged Rand. There was just one tiny thing: Jobs wanted a bolder yellow for the letter “e.” Rand slammed his fist on the table and yelled, “I’ve been doing this for fifty years, and I know what I’m doing.” Jobs backed down and the rest is branding history.

The moral of this story is that if you plan on presenting just one logo option to a client, you better damn well have an interesting and compelling tale about how you arrived at your solution. The other takeaway is that sometimes you need to leave your ego at the door, amirite, Paul? Sheesh.

When we design logos for our clients, we push our egos aside. Because in order to create a visually engaging, functional and enduring design, the focus needs to be on our clients and their audience. We also know that ego-driven design is rarely successful. So we let go of preconceived ideas and styles and everything else that might hinder our search for the one true solution. The solution that is the perfect reflection of our client and their mission.

Below are just a few of our favorites that we’ve designed over the years...

Grassroots International is a non-profit that promotes global justice. The symbol is a literal representation of grass and roots while at the same time representing partnerships and teamwork.
Canis Fund is a mutual fund that specializes in the “Dogs of the Dow.”
ShowHome is a professional home staging company that also offers light repair and painting services.
Intelligent Design Enforcement Agency was born in Washington D.C. and the mark was a tongue-in-cheek poke at governmental bureaucracy. The acronym was left to be discovered by the viewer. T-shirts were produced as a gift for clients, who in turn became “Special Agents." IDEA's motto was Sworn To Perfect And To Serve.
Friends of Bambini is a non-profit founded to raise money for children’s charities.
Logo for a spa and bridal boutique named Splash!
This logo was created for a New Hampshire Public Television documentary called Saving New England Fisheries.
STEM from the START is an initiative of New Hampshire Public Television. It is a curriculum resource for teaching STEM content to PreK-2 students. I wanted the logo to appear as if it were cut from paper (with kid scissors, of course!) and assembled by hand.
This mark was created for a joint venture between two architectural firms that both began with the letter “J”. The idea was to represent the shared vision between the two companies.
This logo created for the Adobe Design Challenge. The challenge was to design a logo in the Bauhaus style using a specific color scheme and font set. I chose a typeface called Xant, designed by Xanti Schawinsky, because I thought it was a perfect embodiment of the Bauhaus style. Sonnen motor is German for “sun engine.”
New England Mograph & Animation Group is regional meet-up group founded with the goal of bringing together like-minded mograph artists and designers.
Bull Moose is a regional music, movie and video game store.
This logo was designed for Tahki • Stacy Charles, Inc. for a new collection of high-end yarns called Tahki Select. The idea was to represent the large variety of available yarn colors using a sophisticated, upscale approach.
I’ve never been happy with the selection of t-shirts for Portland, Maine, so I decided to design my own. Coming soon to our store!
Logo and packaging for Maine Smokehouse Salmon, a premium chunk-style smoked salmon.
PowerOn Florida is group of manufacturer representatives that service the electric utility industry. The state outline is used to create an “always on” electrical grid.

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