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Project Evolve

Project Evolve is a workshop for business professionals with an emphasis on personal growth and enrichment.

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Project Evolve
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Project Evolve is a professional evolution workshop that teaches participants how to follow an ordered path towards better relationships, greater wealth, improved time management and optimal health.

When we began this project, we wanted to emphasize the idea of personal enrichment. After a brain-storming session, we honed in on five key themes that we felt should be represented:

  1. Growth
  2. Enrichment
  3. Inspiration
  4. Relationships
  5. Empowerment

We wanted the logo to feel active and alive. To accomplish this, we designed it with animation in mind. Even in its static form the overlapping shapes and colors suggest movement and engagement. This visual theme could then be extended throughout all print and web applications. The loop forms an uppercase “P” and contains two leaves symbolizing growth, nurturing and relationships. This symbol can be detached and used separately as an icon to reinforce brand awareness.

The logo was constructed with two “tails” that only appear in the animated version. An additional variation extends the lead line for use on the website as well as the business card.


Project Evolve is a revolutionary, proven method for professional, financial, and personal evolution. They are dedicated to giving today’s innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers what they need to become sustainable, profitable and make maximum impact with intention and integrity. Visit them online for more information and to discover your true financial nature:

Logo construction with “tails” for animation
Final logo
Landing page design
Pocket folder using the detached symbol


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