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Premier, Inc. eBook

Complicated subject matter made accessible.

Premier, Inc.

Premier, Inc. provides software for physicians and hospitals. The company wanted an informational eBook to explain how to prepare for compliance with a complicated new Medicare law called MIPS.

A Clear Path to Quality Improvement: MIPS 2018 and Beyond

Strategies to simplify data reporting so you can focus your energy on where it belongs: optimal patient care.


01 Seeing the forest through the trees

02 Getting your bearings

03 Surveying the changing terrain

04 Consult your atlas

05 Refocus your energies

01 Seeing the forest through the trees

Busy healthcare clinicians have now spent many caffeinated mornings and lamp-lit evenings exploring the myriad details of the MIPS program. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed trying to keep track of the ongoing deadlines and changing requirements, you’re far from alone.

This guide will help you get up to speed on the latest changes in the program as you look towards educating your team and streamlining your reporting practices for 2018 and beyond. A clear path to MIPS performance success will help reduce the distractions that interfere with your most essential goal as a medical practitioner – providing excellent patient care.

02 Getting your bearings

A brief history of MIPS

In 2015 Congress passed MACRA (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act). The bill was designed to lower healthcare costs and improve patient care. From MACRA was born the Quality Payment Program (QPP), which was intended to create a more predictable and sustainable model for the Medicare reimbursement system. The QPP consists of two major tracks:

  • MIPS: Merit-based Incentive Payment System
  • Advanced APMs: Advanced Alternative Payment Models

MIPS is the default track for over 80% of clinicians. The Advanced APM route is a bonus track for providers willing to assume a larger financial risk under value-based payment contracts for a large portion of their patient population.

Although the majority of providers will fall into the MIPS track, many physician groups and hospitals will work towards optimizing their performance under MIPS to prepare for future participation in the Advanced APM model.


To read the Ebook in its entirety, click the icon below to download a PDF version.

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