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Currency Camp

A re-brand for a personal finance workshop.

Concept and Design
Currency Camp
Professional Services

Currency Camp is a set of interactive workshops designed to help its students navigate their unique financial journey.

Because a logo already existed, we needed a compelling reason to convince our client to re-visit their brand. We explained that the current logo did not fully represent the core messages of Currency Camp, which involves seven financial natures, four life values and three personal motivations. We felt confident we could develop a new mark that could illustrate these themes while still retaining some similarities to the existing brand. The new logo could then be used as a teaching tool (sort of like a mini cheat sheet).

Initial thumbnail ideas and the original logo

The concept we designed places the individual at the center of the symbol while the values and motivations become their foundation. The compass is used as a visual metaphor to suggest finding one’s path or direction, as well as supporting the idea of a journey or exploration. The compass points to the seven financial natures that fan out above.

Logo concept diagram
Final logo with tagline (vertical and horizontal lockups)

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