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Bull Moose Frequent Buyer Club

A quirky, fun brochure for a retail club that may be a pyramid scheme, but is definitely NOT a cult!

Copywriting, Design
Bull Moose

Bull Moose sells CDs, vinyl records, video games, books, movies and other merchandise. The following was written for the Bull Moose Frequent Buyer Club brochure. The client wanted the program to be explained in great detail, so the challenge was to present the extremely complicated description in an entertaining way. The photographs in the brochure featured small plastic figures of people carrying out various activities in swirling, colorful settings.

Captions to accompany each “plastic people” photo:

How can I find meaning in my life?

Where can I find a sense of belonging?

How can I acquire more things?


Happiness, a sense of belonging, consumer goods: We all want these wonderful things. But how do we get them? By joining the Bull Moose Frequent Buyer Club, of course!

With every purchase you make, you’ll earn discounts toward future purchases. You can also use your points to get free Bull Moose merchandise. In addition, club members become eligible to win incredible stuff that we steal from big greedy record companies. Just think how wearing and owning these items will enhance your sense of identity!

As an added bonus, you can get extra points by using our exciting Club Recruitment Pyramid Scheme to sign up your friends and family. It’s not a cult, it’s just a way to get EVERYONE to share in the joy!

Here’s how the program works:

1. Sign up at any Bull Moose store and receive your club membership card. Leave us your soul.

2. Present your card each time you make a purchase.

3. There’s no need to do ANY thinking. Bull Moose keeps track of your points for you. Your receipt shows how many points you’ve accumulated after each purchase.

The point system works this way:

• Five points give you 50% off any item worth $5 or less.

• Ten points give you 50% off any item worth $10 or less.

• Twenty points give you 50% off any item worth $20 or less.

• Etc., etc., etc. (you get the point, pun intended).

• Your points earn discounts on all merchandise at Bull Moose.

• There’s no limit to the number of points you can earn.

Our Club Recruitment Pyramid Scheme (WE REPEAT — NOT A CULT!)

1. Sign up your friends and family.

2. As your friends and family accumulate points, you also earn points worth 10% of THEIR purchase points.

3. Wait, there’s more! If you’ve signed up a person who then recruits ANOTHER person, you get points worth 1% of the second person’s purchase points. Why? Because we’re INSANE!

4. You also get points worth 1% of all additional second-tier people’s purchases. Unfortunately, the pyramid scheme and frankly, the madness, must stop here. We would need a giant Univac Supercomputer to calculate beyond that.

If all this sounds complicated, that’s because it is. Just remember that Bull Moose does all the work! If you have questions or want to know how many points you have, ask any of our salespeople.

For even more obscure details about the program, read our fine print section which is conveniently located on the back of this brochure.

Join the Plastic People!

Recruit your friends!

Get more Stuff!


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